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NextSight – AI based machine vision for visual inspection

NextSight provides high-end custom vision solutions for the efficient defect detection in manufacturing quality control. We design and develop advanced optics, automation and software modules, integrate them into customers’ manufacturing lines quickly, or provide solutions as standalone systems.

We delivery solutions to a variety of devices used in various industries, such as glass and transparent objects, electronics, footwear manufacturing, and metal manufacturing, etc.

Advanced optics designs

  • Provide optimal images for vision processing.
  • Customized for special systems, sample and defects.
  • Many advanced lighting techniques which can adapt to a wide range of materials.
  • High speed capturing, high stability, and high accuracy.
  • Highlight tiny defects (up to 10um).

AI based software for defect detection

  • Simple data requirement
    • Small ground truth data available
    • Imbalanced data
  • Advanced vision and AI technologies
    • Working with very tiny defects
    • Advanced image processing technologies
    • Fast training & small models with less data
    • Reproducibility
    • Object measurable modeling
    • Explainable, unsupervised, and self-supervised AI
  • Deployment and integration
    • Optical system to get the right input for inspection
    • Fast inspecting time (millisecond level)
    • Deploy on edge computing
    • Flexible integration into production lines
    • Scalable system