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Active Guardian

Supercharge your existing cameras with power of AI Reveal new insights Anytime. Anywhere

About NextEye

Powered by AI

NextEye is an advanced analytics solution that turns your video system from a passive recorder to an active guardian. With robust technology, NextEye is equipped with the capability of analyzing people, objects and activities, thus allowing operators to focus on the most important events, capture valuation evidence, and accelerate response times.

Workplace Safety

  • PPE/Uniform compliance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Abnormal carry object Detection
  • Lying people detection
  • Crowd detection
  • Person Search base on FaceID and Physical Attribute

Covid19 Compliance

  • Facemask detection
  • Social distancing
  • Crowd detection
  • Contact tracing base on FaceID and distance estimation

How does it work

Our all-in-one platform connects existing cameras from your facilities around the world.


High-performance software and IP-networked cameras unlock 24/7 automated inspections and real-time event notifications for the first time.

Computer Vision

Processing real-time streams of video data to rapidly identify anomalous events and create analytics to improve is uniquely enabled by machine learning and computer vision.

Privacy by design

NextEye does not capture personally identifiable information from the visual data that we process. We exist to scale worker safety and protect their privacy.

Easy Configuration

Using our drag drop and click on web application to setup your camera. Draw areas and select AI Functions.


Get access to your unsafe act notifications, create and automate customized reports

Real-time Event Notifications

Receive unsafe act & condition notifications through the platform. These can also be received through mobile app notification. Screenshots and videos can be viewed for each notification.

Track Compliance Rate

Positive behaviors are also recorded by NextEye! Your compliance rate will be calculated for over 30+ use cases on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Areas of focus and improvement can be easily identified through the compliance.


NextEye’s artificial intelligence can detect most common unsafe act types across industries.